Celebrating My Book-Versary

Celebrating My Book-Versary

This week I celebrate the one-year anniversary of publishing my very first book, The Marketing Starter: How an Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Make You a More Savvy Marketer. And after selling a ton of copies, giving a ton more away, collecting some fantastic reviews, and of course, helping fellow marketers, I can safely say it’s been quite a year!

From time to time I have people ask me how sales are going, but honestly, as cheesy as it may sound, that was something I never cared too much about. Sure, sales have been pretty good for a first-time author, but it’s not like I pine over my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account every night watching my sales tick up. Actually, I think I have peeked at it a total of twice since launch.

What I cared about were two things. One, offering great advice to business folks searching for a unique path to navigate their careers, and two, building my personal brand, adding to my resume and checking a very cool item off my bucket list (I can say that now that I’m 40).

It was a great time to publish when the book came out in early 2022; the world was looking a bit brighter as the pandemic was finally weaning and business seemed to be getting back to normal. Now, especially in marketing, we’re starting to see more market uncertainty, which only further validates my hypothesis that marketers need to forge a starter path to make it.

Whatever comes in the future, I do know this: writing a book was one of the most challenging things that I have done in both my personal and professional life — especially learning to self-publish!

Just like last year, it’s time to pop some champagne!

Would you kindly help me celebrate by nominating me for the AMA’s Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award? All you need to do is click the link above to create a quick nomination account and fill out the form. Here’s everything you need:

  • Author’s Name: Tim Hines
  • Exact Title of the marketing book: The Marketing Starter: How an Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Make You a More Savvy Marketer
  • Date Published: March 28, 2022
  • Publishers Name: Marketing Starter Publishing

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read the book, and this post, and nominating me for the award!

My New Book is Here!

My New Book is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day – my new book, The Marketing Starter: How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Make You A More Savvy Marketer is finally on the shelves!

It’s been a few years since the idea for the book struck me like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, and while it may not be as revolutionary as time travel, I’m hoping that starter marketing will soon grow within business circles.

“What the hell is starter marketing?” you may be asking. Well, that definition will obviously be fully flushed out and formulated within the book, which you can now get in paperback and e-book on Amazon. However, I can tell you that my definition of a marketing starter is a marketer who applies an entrepreneurial mindset to all that they do. Or, as I illustrate in the book: a marketing starter is one part marketer, one part scientist, and one part entrepreneur.

In the book’s introduction I dig into the philosophy and my personal story that brought me to writing the book, then I go on to share valuable entrepreneurial traits and tactics that I picked up along the way — from building my own companies to working for startups and scale-ups throughout my career. My goal with the book is to help marketers and marketing-adjacent professionals make a career of mastering the start.

The start. That is the core difference between an entrepreneurial-minded person and the rest of the world. Everyone — just like entrepreneurs — can have great ideas, but what sets them apart is taking action on those ideas, or starting. It’s that grit and tenacity that I speak to throughout the book that will help anyone define their unique edge in the way that they do business.

I hope you will support my effort by purchasing the book today, for yourself or a marketer in your life, and please, please leave a 5-star review on Amazon — that’s the only way a struggling author can climb the charts these days.[/vc_column_text][ut_btn button_text=”GET YOUR COPY” button_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Famzn.to%2F3tPPMaN||target:%20_blank|” button_background=”#4cb7eb” button_text_color=”#ffffff”][vc_column_text]You can also tune in to my show, The Marketing Starter Podcast, which is in it’s second season on your favorite platform. In the podcast, I interview other starter-minded marketing pros from around the world.

Lastly, check out my interview with Jason Falls on his show, Digging Deeper below…

I’m Publishing My First Book

I’m Publishing My First Book

Boy, it sure has been a while since I blogged about what’s new in my marketing universe. Quite a bit has gone down in the past couple years, including three job changes and, of course, a worldwide pandemic that temporarily paused many of our hopes and dreams 

However, quarantine and lockdowns did create much needed space for me to write my very first book. That’s right, this guy is soon to be a published author! My book, The Marketing Starter, will dive deep into stories of how I have applied an entrepreneurial mindset to my marketing and share valuable insights and tips to anyone looking to jump start their marketing efforts. It will uncover all the life lessons from a marketer who has never finished anything… and you’ll learn why.

I am beyond excited that the painstaking work of researching and writing a book is finally paying off. The manuscript is currently being professionally edited and will soon be available for peer review. Trust me, just getting the manuscript done is a HUGE step — ask any first time author.

So, I wanted to use this blog update to let the world know that the book is officially on its way and will be published in mid 2021. There is still a lot of work to do on formatting, design, marketing, etc., but honestly it’s all downhill from here.

I am hoping that you will all support this long-time life goal of mine by purchasing the book and leaving a great review when it’s out. In the meantime, I hope that you will also be a part of my launch team. As a member, I can run ideas by you and where you can learn how to get the word out on launch day. If you’re open to being a part of the group, shoot me a note on LinkedIn or drop your email HERE to get notified.

And, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I am also launching a podcast by the very same name where I will be featuring kickass marketing starters from around the world! They will be sharing their stories, pitfalls, and tips about how marketers can better utilize the starter mindset in their careers. 

If you love marketing, business, entrepreneurship, or starting cool shit, then my book and podcast are for you! Stay tuned as we gear up for release of both this year.

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